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Galleria Live Denver 2014 – Only on this historical 420 holiday would such a large group of amazing glass artists gather to showcase their amazing work. Join WeedMaps TV and speak with some of the unique and artistic people who create the most beautiful and amazing smoking glass in the world.

Buck Harris of Buck Harris Glass
Facebook: Buck Harris
Instagram: @buckharris
YouTube: Buck Glass

Lacey St. George of LaceFace Glass
Facebook: LaceFace Glass
Instagram: @lacefaceglass

Dan Coyle of Ice Cold Glass:
Facebook: Coyle Condenser
Instagram: @coylecondenser

Ryan O’Keefe of Ryno Glass
Facebook: Ryno Designs
Twitter: RynoGlass

Tristan Hodges of Tristan Hodges Glass
Facebook: Tristan Hodges Glass
Instagram: @tristanhodgesglass

Matt McLamb of McLamb Glass
Facebook: Matt McLamb Glass
Instagram: @mclambglass

Steve Bates of Steve Bates Glass


  • this was great allll of it was great thank you Gill 

  • Plea$e take my monies…

  • Great artwork, definitely could have taken more shots of some of them.

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  • Anyone know who the glassblowers is that did the OWLS they show. I think there were some pendys and an oil rig or two here.

  • Hah I like rynos answer the most

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  • I see that J behind your ear Gil I see that

  • nugporn slackin on the strain reviews thooo

  • If I had any of this glass at my house
    It'd be purely for display
    Not taking a chance and breaking it

  • Great glass bad portrayal . Shit music ,couldn't even look at the glass were going too fast. 

  • Ryno is the man! That good vs evil recycler was super clean!

  • Seriously tho dubstep has been dead lmao!!!

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  • Fuck you dubstep. Fuck you.  

  • wow what talent! i loved the camera and rubber duckies to cute

  • Loved the dubstep in this video. 

  • lose the dubstep

  • " i get my inspiration from smoking weed and making pipes, and rubber duckys are a big influence" hahahahah