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  • lucky dogs man i am in a non medical state i inve yall!!!!

  • William, one day I WILL SEE YOUR FACE

  • nate dizzle is out of seattle

  • nice can't wait to try this strain looks great

  • Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it. Or they got too stoned and forgot.

  • great update, btw a nice mic could substantially increase production value even for simple video like this one,
    but thats besides the point, this vid makes me want to visit denver.

  • @danksoil the 13 arm doesn't hit… it rumbles. lol. Quite the amazing piece to rip off of. 

  • Nice 13 arm… That thing is prbly soooo smooth. I need a nice portable piece like that.

  • Mr Breaths is my hero

  • I hope you guys wake up every day and realize how lucky you are because I wake up every day and get pissed because I haven't switched places with you.