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“G4:20-C Vaporizer” – (Product Review)


G4:20-C – [] – (Use code “LOVEFROMSTRAINCENTRALGIGAWAX” for $5 off your order)

Today I am doing a review for the “G4:20-C” wax vaporizer! I’ve been looking for a wax vaporizer that gives a hit comparable to a rig for AGES and I think i’ve finally found one! Finally a wax pen that produces a decent cloud!!! 😛

Add easily replaceable coils & a battery that can be charged while still in use and you have a solid essential oil vape for a solid price!!

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  • Is it harsh because of no water filtration?

  • You, thc temple, xcodeh, 2 high guys are the best

  • 5:09, "Is that a hereon dome" lmfao thank for the laugh there josh!

  • Hey Josh, were you a "brand ambassador" for the company before or after the review?

  • back in my day we didn't have any of those fancy heroin domes. only crack domes

  • I just bought one and used your discount. Stoked to get it in the next couple days!

  • You should make a vid of all ur smoking stuff

  • I just won one of these from Jane Dro! thanks for the review.

  • that five pack of coils were them "hooking you up" not a standard package. Blessings!

  • Digging your reviews and what you bring to the table, not just the subject matter, but the enthusiasm and energy you emit… Thank you Josh, tell your boss you've sold me twice…

  • Could you review arizer solo? Love the video's very informative got a new sub keep up the good work.

  • OMG, a 510-sized vape pen you can use while charging? Who'da thunk it? Even most of the eGo sized vape pen batteries on the market fail in this respect, so I have to say well done.

  • God bless technology !!! Vapvapvapeeeee

  • Love your vids

  • Straincentral u talk to much

  • could you smoke crumble out of that?

  • wow it worked i smiled at the screen and josh smiled back hhehe

  • it's been a few months since you put this video up, but is this still your favorite? if not which one do you find best now?

  • im assuming that you have to reload this after every hit, are there any pens out there where you could get afew hits in a row before reloading?

  • What's the best pen for dry herbs??