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Quartz Coils – [] – (Use code “STRAINCENTRAL” for $5 off your order)

Gigawax sent over a prototype pen so I could try out their new quartz coils!! I honestly didn’t think this pen could be improved upon when I first reviewed it, but apparently I was wrong!! 😛

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  • I like that the numbers in the product name is 420.

  • Hey Josh, have you tried the Kandypens Galaxy? It has dual quartz rods with titanium coils and a quartz crystal bowl. If so what are your thoughts?

  • josh?! how often shoukd you change your quarts coils for the gigawax!!!????

  • Have you ever tried the new cloud v phantom pens? just wondering how it would match up. Always good videos man thanks for the content

  • Does this leave an odor? I want to use this in my house but I don't want it to smell.

  • josh do you think this is better than the puffco? thanks man.

  • Josh what up man? I just saw Jolie's review on Dr. Dabber and the titanium coil, quarts sounds dope. I am looking for a pen, have you used Dr. Dabber, I know you said you've tried A LOT lol.If so how do you compare those 2?

  • dude you touch my fukin heart when ever you say stay positive . NEVER stop saying that to us homie CHEERS JOSH!!!

  • Just got better!!

  • Have you tried the dab otg pen? high times rated it as the biggest hitting dab pen cheers

  • Just noticed the GDP sticker! That's my favorite strain, man.

  • It looks like an ezig but it kinda gives it away when you smokin on it ;)

  • Omg josh you smoke so much weed, you look like gandalf a little, hihihiha, see Ya later terminator

  • How fast is shipping?

  • Love the video 🙂 <3 Good vibes my friend.

  • Good Vibes. Oh, nice video sorry i was reading the box nice review Josh.

  • you have taught me to think positive
    thank you 🙂 love your videos, keep it up bro !

  • Sorry Josh… but

    If anyone enjoys good trap music with visuals please check out my channel!

    ANYWAYS keep dabbing and smoking and bless y'all with good vibes :)

  • Enjoyed the video, cheers!

  • Dabbin on some blue haze crumble!