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G Farma Labs Edible Safety – Weedmaps TV and G Farma Labs come together to bring you some advice on edible safety. This video addresses the importance of familiarizing yourself with your medicine, from proper dosing, to lab testing, and understanding its effects.

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  • Thanks for featuring our founder Weedmaps TV. For more information on medicating safely with edibles, the difference between nug-run hash oil and trim-run hash oil, or just some fun skits, come check out the GFarma TV channel! See you there!

  • It's important that I share with all of you guys and girls, edibles are not for everyone.  A friend had a severe bad reaction to a 12.5mg edible(half of a tootsie roll), I was right there with her to help her through it luckily, but her brain chemistry just does not jive with edibles.  If she had been alone by herself, I can see how a nightmare evening might have even been 100X worse.  This was probably the fourth time in a row she had a bad reaction, and the worst one by far.   Again, it was only a 12.5mg edible.  

    Now she may be a 1/100 case, or a 1/1000 case, a lot of people will die if they eat a peanut, but it's important people know that this is medication and to treat it with respect and caution at first.  Not everyone reacts the same, and some people should probably avoid edibles completely.  

    Me, on the other hand?  Love them.  Never had a bad time, always enjoy the experience.  

  • I enjoy dosing 250mg.

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  • Good on you all! 

  • Gfarma is supposedly safe when they don't even test their oils for pesticides or fungus or residual solvents?  I had their salesrep just tell me that NT meant non-traceable on their test results only to find out that it meant non tested.    Straight BS…..just like big tobacco they uses packaging and lies to sell a product that isn't what they say it is.  They market it is "purity" yet don't have it tested for impurities, nice try.  

  • Thanks for the info preciate it a lot

  • so important to explain how to keep it away from kids and make sure children and people who don't understand it get ahold of it.

  • I love edibles and wish I had more access to them. I always half edibles when I come across them. 

  • Safety?  These are the people leading this industry..????

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  • Good for GFarma for making this video. Despite what many ignorant people think, cannabis is still a drug that needs to be treated by the user with respect. It is a great medicine and recreational experience, but nonetheless it still can be problematic if used incorrectly. And then you'll have a bad time.

    Don't be like me and eat an entire edible for your first time at school, then spending the next two hours thinking that the guy who gave you said edible looked like Jesus.

    Or do, because it was fun.

  • The #1 thing people need to remember if they start freaking out because of a edible is that "its only weed you are not going to die" "just relax breathe" and if you think you cant breathe do some jumping jacks "you will be fine" "your not having a reaction your HIGH enjoy it" i've had to calm down countless people after their first time with an edible or first time dabbers. +CoastalHaz i think metabolisms have something to do with it but i personally think its more of a tolerance thing

  • Really weedmaps ? An experienced smoker doesn't need to hear this from some person. Haha you not my mummy ..

  • I don't get high off edibles. If I do I have to eat a ton of them.

  • This is good. People need help with dosage and awareness lol 

  • They need to put on the label or box to take only one every 2-4 hours I know people that would eat the whole package of chocolate.

  • sounds like an awesome product and company