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“G-13” – (Strain Review)


G-13 is an Indica strain that we don’t really know the genetics of! It’s one of those cannabis strains that’s shrouded in mystery and has a billion different stories attached to it.

A great strain for Pain Relief, Stomach Issues, Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia. Overall I give this strain a solid [5.7/7]

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  • T C

    g=government , m= 13th letter of alphabet (marijuana)

  • I need that bear mug!!! ???

  • Love the new layout of the strain reviews!

  • Josh, how do you know that that weed is actually G-13? Couldn't it be another strain with the name slapped on it? Weed strains just seem to me bogus half the time lol. Anyways, cheers!

  • The government story is not true. U of Mississippi grows Cannabis for the government and research purposes as well as supplying a few very select patients. They're Cannabis is straight shwagg nothing interesting

  • Neville schoenmaker is Dutch :)

  • I swear he never gives any really shit grades.

  • Josh, what farm produced that cut?

  • Why does it Max out at 720p

  • Lol debunked in hash church by the guy who's been growing in that university lol… Yes they were growing cannabis but no it was never that look at the couple people that are federally legal from some kind of thing, they get this SHITTY bud that again rosenfelt or whatever was on Hash Church and talked about. But yes I agree on your belief but it is a good Strain and made MK ULTRA so glad that the hype was around

  • i got some sour d rn and its great. blaze on

  • those buds are beautiful.

  • its soo good. its been here in the coffeeshop for a vieuw months now.

  • intro song?

  • Josh yes the government did and may still supply between 7/9 people with weed. I smoke a lot forgot the exact number. I knew one of the patients who received it. It is a tin of pre rolls. Really crap herb.What you have is way better. Nothing like the government herb!

  • Zac

    Lol the pendant

  • Hey Josh I have an idea for a video for you, I was just recently reading up on cultivation and i found out something interesting, there are 4 strains of marijuana. We've got of course Indica and Sativa but did you also know there are two more ruderalis and afganica. I found it interesting and all of my friends had no idea of this fact. I think its very uncommon knowledge and you could be a good outlet to inform people. Thx in advance and keep token!

  • You should review California orange!

  • Thanks Josh! It was lengthy, but informative 🙂 Thanks for the pep talk – as a loner (st) I don't usually get those anymore :)

  • Hey man, love your show! Random tip from one stoner to another! Save more butane with using hemp wick and using a candle to re light your wick. Also smells great haha