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Full Spectrum: The Extractioneering Story

Welcome to the world of full spectrum extracts. Dr. Daniel Hayden of Extractioneering explains why cannabis is more than just THC and more than just Terpenes. Not all extracts are created equal.


  • Dr. Hayden seems like a very cool dude. Excellent quality video production – just subscribed!

  • trichome*

  • ??? much respect for Doc and the incredible medicine/knowledge he is sharing with us all.

  • I'm just trying to get high man.

  • nice those close ups verry good melting shots make me water my braincells hahahaha

  • I like how he pronounces trichome as "trichrome"

  • I'm glad Daniel was able to coin a term that's been around for decades in the industry, not like I've ever heard of Rick Simpson oil referred to as "full spectrum extract"…

  • Great Presentation. For packaging I Recomend the Plastic Bear honey comes in.

  • Dem trichchromes lol


  • this is not full spectrum at all just because this guy coined the term. the idea of full spectrum would involve maintaining the original structural compounds without separating terpenes and cannabinoids. which he clearly doesn't do. people need to be more educated instead of gobbling up b.s from some dude tying to get rich. who knows if he truly cares for the medicinal aspect. which would involve synergistic reactions, which only truly happen on an organic level without structural modification.

  • Call me old-fashioned but I still just love taking my torch and heating up a piece of quartz and dropping a nice piece of shatter or crumble on it maybe it's just because I don't want to pay these ridiculous prices maybe it's because in my mind I don't want to even go there because I'm afraid thatis all I'm going to want afterwards but I highly doubt that. with the strains procured from the west that I'm able to legally grow in DC here and be one of the few that have some of the strains that still hold high regard even back in NorCal, I wonder ; "how much better can it really get" is what I keep asking myself "how much higher do I want to be?" When I pull slabs of golden goodness out the oven I feel content. I'll prob kick myself in a year or so if I get into (afford) distillates ect equipment

  • They need to take it down a notch. That music in the background sounds like he's just discovered immortality, the fountain of youth, the meaning of life, and the cure for cancer and aids.

  • I guess my question is if you measure the Cannabinoid/terpene profile of the fresh wet bud, or fresh frozen resin, or dry bud or dry sifted resin does the extract deliver the exact same ratio of these compounds as found in the source materials to be extracted? I have never had an extract of any kind that was as good as the same clone source being dry sifted and the resin extracted being cleaned up to 99.99% resin heads only, I have worked with Cannabis terpenes as well as the Cannabinoids for decades, I know Cannabis and what the gold standard is, it has not been solvent extracts. Maybe yours is different? I do have my doubts.

  • interesting. this dude is militant on IG on an unprofessional level but this paints a better light. definitely want to try these concentrates.

  • Great video quality.

  • 420!!!!

  • so this guy invited the extraction for the methy looking dabs

  • so this guy invited the extraction for the methy looking dabs

  • While i think his point is worthwhile, most labs dont even test for full terpene profiles let alone bio markers… we are a long ways off from creating master concoctions that daniel dreams about. right direction though which is awesome to see.