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“Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies” – (Strain Review)


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Cookies has quite an interesting history behind it! It’s not actually a strain “Grown by Berner” – It originates from a grower named “Jigga” who is apart of the Cookie Family (known for strains with names like “Cookies”, “Sherbet”, and “Gelatto”)

This Forum Cut is a bagseed pheno from the ICMAG forums!

This strain is great for headaches, stress, depression, and pain! It provides you with a very Euphoric, Happy, Calming high. Overall I give the Forum Cut about a [5.6/7]

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  • g s c , punched thru my heavy pain, but with my lingering adrenaline that day from all the pain, the g s c made me paranoid or like on edge but still a great high, when my pain was less the high was more chill and just stoney as fuck

  • whats you ICMAG name?

  • girl scout cookies is the first strain I've ever had

  • i just smoke this the other day, mannnnnnnnn I was tripn………
    was talking a walk, and I was like flying yoooo

  • If you're a musician, this is great for creating new music like if you're singing a cover or a remix, I wish I recorded myself on this strain.

  • Great review! Thanks! Subbed

  • We are Fox Hollow Flora. Follow our channel as we enter the Oregon Legal Cannabis Market. We won GanjaCon 2016 1st Place People's Choice Award, 3rd Place Best Indoor Flower. GanjaCon 2015 1st Place Best Indoor Flower #forumcutgsc. Stay Tuned!!

  • I love smoking girl scout and playing soccer lol it's pretty amazing

  • this kids mad dumb haha prob thinks hes actually educated but my dog knows more about weed

  • f1 just means first generation lol… hybrid "f1", hybrid "f2", when you inbreed or "stabilize" its not a hybrid and no "f#".

  • Dope review! I am enjoying GSC, myself. Plus, my name is Josh. Great minds think alike!

  • cookies plus grandaddy purple =girl scout cookies

  • cali plug: weed only email

  • Berner is a grower, in the past he used to grow crossbreeds he even had a album/mixtape named urban farmer

  • I just got a legit cut of gsc I also got pgsc but most importantly I got gg#4 all from the cannabis cup la these are staying in the mother stable as long as possible also fuckkn with loompa farms underdog og and about to pop og raskal genetics the white s1 which is wifi's mom and exotic genetics double stuffed, some shit most ppl have never seen check my channel cnoteblazinitup check out my 10k watt garden

  • now this is a fucken strain review, fuck b real

  • berner is not a grower ? you must be smoking cookies a lil too much because he most definitely IS a grower.

  • I want to smoke with you.

  • Dude, uber hit from that pipe, lol! But, you took it to the chest! Greta video; found you via 710Cat. Nevertheless, what's is your favorite or preferred strain to blaze. Namaste
    (btw, you resemble Jack Swagger – WWE) :)

  • speaking of the smellnof burnt cannabis , one of my favorite things about G.S.C. is the smell when its burning. or afterwards. i love coming back into the room and smelling that sage kinda smell that cookies gives off.