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Formula 420 Bling Product Review

Gil and Tang check out Formula 420’s BLING! Spray it in the air after each toke to mask the smell!


  • Boo! didnt tell me any information about the product, didnt show the product in action. like watching 2 GUYS who like to hear each other talk! WASTE OF TIME!!!

  • how much did 420 cleaner pay you guys for this bullshit ad!? have you ever tried a soaker like Grunge-Off or Kush Clean? obviously not!

  • What's not perfect about rubbing alcohol and salt is it doesn't give us that orange citrus smell like how Formula 420 provides.

  • not floating weed

  • how is that random nug floating?

  • flying bud lol

  • why is that nug floating?

  • Am I high. Or is that nug floating?

  • is that a floating nug?

  • Whats wrong with iso and salt?
    Its cheap, and efficient.

  • 303 baby

  • thumbs up for floating weed

  • @LosAngelesWeedSmoker wow, you're a douche

  • tang looks ripped unlike the bootcamp videos

  • that nugget is defying gravity

  • Travel vape anyone?

  • Mr. Hartfield… ha ha ha, fucking schmuck. I'm going to nail your Jewish girlfriend. Ha ha.

  • We have a lot of great stuff to clean glass man!
    Look up the "grunge off" what u can use over and over for a year, or "Schmandweg" what u mix with boiling water.

  • i think im addicted to porn

  • yo just wondering why you guys put the ball with the star of david in your set up, i've noticed it a couple times lol