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“Flowermate V5.0s Vaporizer” – (Product Review)


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After about a week of use, I am finally doing a review on the Flowermate V5.0s! I tried to answer as many questions as I could, but if you have any more, just make sure to ask! 🙂 Overall I give it a [6.55/7]

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  • Josh is so adorable with his braces.

  • I want this so bad

  • Man this channel has grown so god damn much! Grats Josh keep up the good work crazy looking back just a year ago.

  • @straincentral … How do I know mines is real josh I got it at wizard puff

  • is this dude wearing a wig?

  • How long would you expect this product to last ? Year 2 years , less ?

  • Hey love this channel! Big fan here. So one question, iv been watching all the reviews of the flowermate V5.OS and unboxings, I live in the Caribbean so I ordered it online, when It got to me, it's a totally different box, a white box with little gold on there and of course the info an pic, its a legit, the box is the same inside as the reviews so is the packing and accessories, the flowermate looks legit and works, why the totally different box tho? Is this for export or did I get some old first Gen model or something? Any help answering my question will be appreciated, thanks

  • Can someone please answer me this: can you dab with this device?

  • I think a non replacable battery is actually more handy.

  • How long does one vape sesh lasts

  • The is by far the best pocket vape for the price. You can not go wrong with this purchase. Pius if you shop around you can find these for about 20% off retail. I've tried others in this price range and i'm not looking back.

    -Excellent battery, way beyond even that of more expensive units.
    -Looks like a usb drive which is great when you keep it out all the time.
    -Simple to use and clean.
    -Taste is excellent.
    -Vaps bud to very nice uniform color even without mixing it. I just tap mind every bit to loosen it up a bit.

    -Not a huge fan of charging cord. Would prefer a usb connection. (not a deal breaker because it holds a charge so long)
    -Has the same weight/feel of holding a small usb drive
    -Can not use while charging (technically you can but instructions recommend against it.)

    Stop looking, just buy it already. Happy Vaping….

    *yeah i pasted this on a few reviews. I wanted to make sure people knew just how good this little guy is for the price

  • ain't no fat cloud though :p

  • Thanks a ton for this.  Cheers!

  • Can you use dabs in these?

  • I ordered one and it must be a new model, because now they come with like wax attachments.

  • hey i just got myself a 5.os and i love it so far
    only problem i have is brown gunk sticking to the sides of the reservoir
    how do i clean this ?
    i tried medical alcohol and this does not get rid of it( it does get rid of most of the residu and smell) i tried scraping but it seems to be either already in the plastic or just very god damn stuborn
    do you have any tips to clean this
    also should i put a screen in the reservoir on the botttom?
    the 4 holes seem to be too small for small pieces of herb not too pass trough
    i've been trying with and without screen in the bottom but i don't seem to figure out what i'm suposed to do
    i'm thinking its just supposed to be herb in the reservoir not a small metal screen that can collect and radiate heat
    but if i'm wrong or you have some valuable insights plz let me know

  • can anyone tell me if the mini is a better choice? I'm a bit scared that I'll miss the extra batterylife at one point :D

  • guys how many weed i have to smoke with this stuff to get hard high head?

  • Would the already vaped bud from this be good for making edibles? and if so what setting would you consider vaping at?

  • I have owned a flowermate v5.0s for a few months, I would add a few more cons to your list, the mouth piece storage container will sometime slide open without you wanting it to and it is hard to load with out spilling herb on the ground. Other than that I love this vape! Great review Josh!