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“Flowermate PureHit v1.0” – (Product Review)


Flowermate sent over one of their Purehit v1.0’s for me to play around with! This is an all in 1 water filtered wax and herb vaporizer that can be used with e-liquid as a smell diffuser!

Flowermate Purehit v1.0 – (

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • Joooosh, you should send me one for my channel!! You'd be helping me start my career in youtube! get back with me if you can man??

  • Can you do a MFLB review. Just wondering your opinion on it.

  • I lost my flowermate charger today when i got high, i have no way to charge my battery now – not dealing with this kind of bullshittery would be very nice, but sadly this vape has no room for flower wich is crucial for me. Ill light up a bong i guess, cheers to you all.

  • do your hands have a mind of their own.???

  • Major key

  • Im still impressed he hasn't done a review on an arizer product, the solo is such a good portable vape imo, cheers though… the flowermate looks dope.

  • Sam

    Yo josh or anyone, do you know where I can buy the bowl you were using in the lift innovations video??

  • Great video Josh, seems like a quality device.. may have to try and get one of these hopefully soon

  • Josh, stoner thought of the day could you attach plastic tubing to that and make it stealthy?

  • Looks like the hilt of a lightsaber from star wars

  • probably over 300 dollars

  • it's a lightsaber

  • Its 190$, its not 0.9 on affordability… More like 0.4

  • dude, batteries are bad for the planet 🙁

  • Old Vape goes, new Vape comes this year

  • Actual

  • Can you make a review for the Pax?

  • who else watched that top roll and heart sank because you thought it was gonna fall.

  • I got ripped on an alien dream x kush hybrid, then worked out for 2 hours a couple hours later. When you mentioned it in another to try to get something done all i needed was a trusty redline xtreme energy shot and i pushed full intensity for the 2 hours.

  • Josh just a heads up. "maH" stands for mili amp hours. Dunno if you were saying it that was purposely or not. Just wanted to let you know. And thanks for the reviews and all the info you provide! Love the videos. Most def my favorite weedtuber