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“Flowermate Mini V5.0s Vaporizer” – (Product Review)


Flowermate Mini V5.0s – [] – Use code “StrainCentral” for 5% off your order!

WizardPuff also sent over the new Flowermate mini for me to review! It’s a portable, variable temperature, stealthy, and affordable herb vaporizer. I did a review on the original Flowermate months ago & loved it, so this is going to be an interesting one! .

Overall I Give the Flowermate Mini a solid [6.5/7]

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  • This or the mflb vape?

  • "Iots blunt" could it charge itself then and never die???

  • Looking into to buy a vaporizer for more discreet smoking and health reasons. Where I find the best one

  • I wish someone told me about the creeping of vape. Creeping can be bad for anxiety because it can be mildly upsetting. I find that using a bong with the vape makes the high resemble more like smoking to me.

  • can I legally buy this from the website to a non legal state?

  • I've been told that the healthiest thing to inhale is clean air. Good luck finding it though.

  • WTF, an Amish weed head….hahahaha. Weedy Smucker.

  • How's the smell on this? Is it okay to smoke it indoors?

  • If you own the mini and purchase the mouthpiece for the larger V5.0S … you can take the glass off of the metal component of the larger one and put it on the metal component for the mini and the airflow is a lot better since it has a wider opening.

  • stupid question, but does this leave any trace of smell after any usage? considering buying this!

  • dose it leak any smoke when you're not vaping it, I mean does it leak any smell by it own, it I use this and a sploofy will there be any smell

  • E

    Looking at this or a G Pro? Would anyone have a recommendation?

  • you look like a pilgrim

  • Hi!
    Question wich ''weed vapor'' should i buy? And can someone compare the high between a vapor and a joint?

  • damn! i got the GPen for Christmas and im not liking it at all.. thats why with certain "outside the box" type gifts i rather just buy it my damn self smh

  • How you described the high from a vaporizer was spot on.It's really deceiving,after 2 draws I can start to feel it but I want to get just below baked so I have 2 more draws and that's when it really kicks in.I think the vape takes away all the rough edges and hands you a diamond.

  • ;( i broke my bong at the joint while i watched your video. goodbye old friend my first bong i bought :/

  • Someone help a brotha out and tell me where I can get one of these if they are sold out on wizardpuff?

  • "realistically"

  • is it alright if I'm eating along with you :-D