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Five Point Wellness – Plan A Private Reserve Strain Showcase – Join the guys as they check out the Plan A Private Reserve from Five Point Wellness in Hollywood, CA. This strain has been tested by SC Labs, and full testing results can be found by clicking on the link below to visit Five Point Wellness listing page on

Visit Five Point Wellness on WeedMaps –

Song: Rain Song
Artist: El Centro


  • Dude, it is nice to see GUYS who know what DANK really is, and how to properly treat it and give it the respect ULTRA HEADDIES DESERVE!!!

  • THC, CBD, and CBN are not complete measures of the effects of a strain. Exactly why I think Chubbs doesn't lab test, just toke test.

  • Oh Bubba!
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  • Chubbs :'(

  • Yea right man every strain that 5 points carries is obscenely high in thc 28.10 % and now this shits over 24.00 % sclabs and 5 points are lying sacks of shit find a more reputable and more accurate company to test the strains your smoking

  • Hey Gil, what type of bubbler are you smoking ? looks awesome. You should do a video on it ! Please get back to me ?

  • @805fillmore The AVERAGE income is more in california….9th best…pretty good for a state with 40 million people The cost of living is also more so it balances out definetly

  • still smoking with butane.. idiots… get some bee line

  • so…a little earlier today, i smoked a little with a couple of friends…i think it was some sour diesel…and my eyes turned metallic blue. I normally have hazel eyes. Has anyone else had this?

  • @805fillmore Ya man i've been to San Diego and northern Cali…Theres lots of money in Cali im not saying EVERYONE is rich but the average income is better then most of the us

  • @BatuSmoka808 Hahaha, absolutely

  • I wanna see one of u dudes play that bass in the corner high

  • @yerkmantm Good point CO gots some KILLER

  • Stu wheres your face tatto?

  • @RICORECONREDO man i live in colorado I'm 17 and i work at a port a potty place and i can still smoke like this

  • I can't believe they have all the bud a stoner could ask for..AND they get paid to do this shit…Now THAT is the American dream.

  • @xbox360fanatic420 But atleast you got an xbox, the average kid in Cali is much better off then TONS especially as far as weedage 🙂

  • @RICORECONREDO HA i live in cali and im broke as fuck hehehehehehehehe

  • Why would they ever not use Beeline?

  • @ZoieAnne69
    hey.. where in Canada are you located, there are some shops close to me that are amazing for concentrate supplies. However the chance of you living close to Calgary are slim.
    Online ordering is possible though