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Five Point Wellness Alien OG 28% Total Active Cannabinoids – Join the guys as they check out the highest tested THC strain that SC Labs has worked with to date! Alien OG tested at an amazing 28% THC.

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Song: Rain Song
Artist: El Centro


  • Hey Tang, or however your name is spelled. Marijuana is the wrong term to use, stop using prohibition terms, da shit's called Cannabis. Also, they're trichomes, like comb. Not Trichrome, like chrome. If your going to bother putting this stuff on youtube, at least learn the proper terminology. Sincerely, one very mad/sad stoner.

  • They need to test berners snowman that Shit is the highest THC tested bud…

  • This stuff looks like rock candy

  • I miss these reviews so much…

  • Got my hands on this and the taste and smell is so incredible I had to look it up.  apparently this is considered one of the strongest OG kush ever and I can see why.  This shit is borderline dangerous.  Happy toking friends!

  • Im smokin on some Alien right now, and oh my god, faded.


  • the HIGHest tested 😉

  • Tang!! where the fuck have you been and what happened to you doing videos with Chubbs?

  • So im jealous of you guys.. is there a job for giving strain reviews?

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  • This bald head tested the gravity density. That's fresh.

  • I'm hittin 34.2 may be false. would happily send a sample for proper testing.. hit me up if ya could help me out

  • LOL are you seriously trying to sell bud online threw YouTube comments?

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  • Calm down's just weed lol..Im sure they're gettin high still.