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Essential Vape at Hemp Con

Check out the Essential Vape Booth at Hemp Con!


  • White deer is an inspiration

  • dude seems cool beans

  • that's not a portable vape pipe

  • You have the best taste in music…cant be nicky

  • I bought the eclipse H20 glass on glass set, I think it works as expected, badass!
    I thank you Whitetear for this very cool addition my list of Black Leaf Elite attachments.

    Stay cool, Stay high 

  • ppl talk shit about this piece and all of them have never tried to vaporize oil!!! This is by far the best way I have seen to vape oil and I got one for 50 bucks new!! Not much for the best vaporizer for oil on the market

  • i got one but for some reason my plant metter isnt vaporizing

  • @chucksnizzle1
    dude screw dat, get the extreme-q vaporizer by arizer i got it, it rocks!

  • Just got mine. Bitchessssssss!

  • hshs I love whitedeer I have seen him many times around the bay area convention scene and he has always been cool. I think the essential vape is harsh to hit the first few times you try it but soon or a later you get it right.

  • the last mohican

  • @nughero Thanks for that Seinfeld clip that was epicly hilarious, Gil would love that close talker dude…LOL

  • gil is soooo white:/

  • Damn i'd seen White Deer a million times at the conventions but i never knew he was the essential vaaapp guy. I fucking love that thing.

  • What's the name of the song in the beginning/end? All I saw in the credits was Pinball Wizard…and I'm pretty sure I didn't hear the Who at all in this video….

  • watch at 1:21-1:23 it's fucking hilarious if you play it over and over gil looks HILARIOUS!

  • watch?v=9eptj2EZ4xE

  • Why the hell does Gil get so close to people when he talks…i hate that when you can smell a dudes breath when he talks too close.

  • @reggiessidekick YES! yes he is.

  • is Gil missing an ear?