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“Errl Can” – (Glass Review)


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I’m loving this little 10mm “Errl Can” by 420 Science – The small mouthpiece forces better flavor & the bell base prevents it from tipping over and falling. Very well designed piece that functions great!

Overall I give it a solid [5.8/7]

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  • Josh I love your videos! If you replied it would make my life! I smoke to all your videos!

  • Nice, can you show us how you clean your glass?

  • Errl Can

    Earl Sweatshirt

    Who does it better?

  • How ken you tell the high on the green crack oil when hot and harty is
    knot ever used.Waste waste waste…

  • It is not always about taste.. you rather waste…

  • HOLY SHIT! this a total rip off wtf it's $120 I shit u not!

  • +StrainCentral (Cannabis Reviews and Smoke Sessions) how about an updated video with the quartz nail!! I was thinking a quartz banger would go great on the errl can. .

  • What's the instrumental ?

  • just got one fucking love it

  • That would look pretty amazing with a little quartz banger on there

  • I have a rather dumb question, but where do you fill the water from? Hard to tell, but I am planning on purchasing this as my first 10mm rig as well!

  • You can make a small funnel with a joint paper or pre-roll cone wiht the crutch removed, then just toss the salt in through that. Looks like a cool piece.

    I've found that it's not only a small mouthpiece that contributes to the flavor, but also as little surface area of glass as possible.

  • I got the 14 mill check out my IG demian6261, they sandblasted errlcan on the outside 

  • man i hope tony abbott legalizes weed

  • you never hold it in

  • Sick rig man!  That looks super comfortable to use just by the shape, the name is awesome too lol.Cheers :D

  • Hey, New stoner here. Your videos helped me look like i want clueless. Your reviews are rad your fifty shades of fucking awesome!!!!!

  • no rez block in the errl?

  • the black makes it look so dope!