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EPG: Security for Dispensaries

Gil sees exactly how EPG turns a shady dispensary despised by the community, to everyone’s favorite neighbor!


  • ikr lmao

  • Fuck you,disgusting racist. i'd love to burn you with my lighter!

  • exactly. watching tv or eating or biking any that you like to do should be free. they have brainwashed people into thinking weed is bad and is only for medicine. thats saying alcohol is good for you and you should drink it every day

  • how does it feel to be the cancer in america. you're the type of person that everyone considers scum. you're parents did a horrible job at raising you.

  • notice at 0:12 he said weed porn and ted just looks at like he is an asshole lolz

  • that is sooooo fucking racist

  • @austyfrosty29 redemption song- toots and the maytals. not to be confused with marley's redemption song… no relation at all

  • @jamekididdleshmiddle what song is it?

  • god damn gill your music game is on point. probably my fave toots and the maytals song playing. nice vid

  • This is no place or topic for racism stylist

  • @StylistRhymist That's in no way a fact you bigot asshole, you didn't even say something that would be constituted as fact or fiction. You're a full blown racist bastard and don't deserve a voice on anything. Fuck you, seriously. And I'm white, in case you were wondering.

  • haha! I was just at D.T.C the other day and i think that dude was doing security at the time. He's totally chill, makes jokes and everything

  • NEVER trust black people… and that's a fact.

    there's a reason why colorado doctors don't give black people recommendations… black people will simply buy big amounts and resell it on the streets to other healthy black people that shouldn't be smoking weed in the begin with.

  • good vid man