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ECHC – Larry OG Haze – High Tested Medical Marijuana – Join the guys as they explore the Larry OG from Evergreen Compassionate Health Center in Los Angeles, CA. This flower has been tested by SC Labs.

Artist: El Centro
Song: Disaster All


  • thx in advance if you decide to cbange the vid structure to include further info for the medicinal values of each strain….

  • Larry Og is such a absolutely narco strain and great for pain and just stress relief, why go and cross it with a haze and begin to nullify the great things its known for by adding a strong sativa?

  • Yall Should Try Purple Haze

  • when using head phones you can hear tang making congested nasal sounds, he was'nt spitten it out,guess he just swallowed that shit…yeapper

  • 0:15 YES! lol

  • Thats wassup i had picked up a 5 gramer. For ftp of that and it was aight didnt.smell all that tho.

  • "it sounds like a cross between a haze and huh Larry og…" we'll no shit eh

  • I love echc, this place has amazing shit and great deals, that larry og haze was weird smelling/tasting when i had it, but that time it had tested at 26% thc.


  • man that stuff loks like itsbeen danced around in keif

  • anyone know of a channel or a site where there are updates on glass, glass blowers, artist and what not.

  • any chance on doing a report on the cbd strains out there?

    I'm always looking for the pain relief over the psychoactive properties thanks!

  • You do not soak your bud in butane, you do a flush on a double water pyrex boil because THC and many of the other cannabinoids are not water soluble but only fat or oil based soluble. With heat the butane evaporates and your left with the extraction from the cannabis. I also thought there would be remnants of butane but butanes heat level is low so it easily evaporates.

    ~Mark, Health Canada MM Access Division.

  • not so much shakey. but just small nugs.

  • those buds look dank. but all of em are so small and shakey. not for me.

  • these guys look and read the comments and sometimes take note, which they have before about using lighters n what not…and obviously you care so much to reply back.

  • Eh, unless your going to change things, which you won't. No one cares.

  • and its not like theyre smoking 'buds soaked in butane' lol

  • yeah but they purge it out. using a bic lighter is worst for you than taking dabs.

  • and yet people soak their buds in butane and call it BHO