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Eartheart Collective: Eartheart Lavender OG Gil sits down with dispensery representative Gabby and OC Invitational Reviewer atomichaze to discuss Lavender OG from the Eartheart club in Long Beach, CA.


  • i was in long beach not long ago i went there and i was impressed by there bannana og and there spacedawg pretty good shop id recommend any that dispensary

  • were has that girl been all my life O.O… i always wanted a stoner girlfriend

  • Pretty flowers

  • haha the left, just before the end: D
    like him 😛 funny peoples

  • anyone else sense the sexual tension between the tweaker and the hottie?? jk nice vid

  • hahaha the other guy is soooooooo baked:)

  • Gil your videos are sick. With all the hype about nuggetry and cpa in Santa Anna, it'd be sick if you did a review with Chubbs and Tang.

  • Breaking apart nugs with fingers is heart braking. So is that chick burning that bowl. Not the way I run my seshes but that's coo. Wonderful looking herb, I bet the taste is insanely complex.

  • Damn fine lookin bud, same with the girl!
    she can hit my bong, ahwahaha so original.
    peace and pot