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Eartheart Collective: Eartheart Bubba OG


  • So wait, this Bubba OG has no Bubba Kush and possibly not even any OG Kush genetics? That's a pretty sketchy, BS name, then.

  • Tronic is the BEST!!!

  • why do you wear your sunglasses so high? jw lolz but stay high mann!!!

  • maybe you went to the wrong one?

  • earth heart is fucking boo boo…shiity bud…all north long beach clinics are crappy

  • Legalize in North Carolina!! North Carolina is a wonderful place to grow marijuana. It would get our economy kickin' better. =]

  • slightly stoopid – this joint
    pretty trippy song

  • lol nvm

  • why dont u wear ur glasses on ur ears

  • hehe sd weed reviews guy on the right

  • Great Grow