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“Durban Poison” – (Strain Review)


Durban Poison is a South African landrace strain that is a 100% Sativa. It’ll provide you with an EXTREMELY racy, energetic, and mood-boosting high that will leave your mind racing & ready to go!

This is a great strain for ADD/ADHD, Stress, Depression, and Fatigue. Overall I give this batch a solid [6.7/7]

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  • I think smoking indica then sativa is the best bc the sativa relaxes you then once your stress is gone then sativa for motivation

  • Weed for ADD or ADHA Jacks Cleaner! Best weed I ever smoked!

  • do northern lights please

  • I love this strain! ;)

  • love love love that strain! I'm hooked on it, as well as god's green crack.

  • Vewy vewy

  • im mater bat ing

  • Vewy Thick

  • remember once i bought a quarter of this stuff, some of the best wake and bakes of my life haha/

  • I hav never seen such beautiful green Durban poison like that here in California, it's always brown … Cheers!!

  • What does tabacco taste like

  • edible reviews on my channel. first week

  • Proud south african here

  • You need to get your hands on some God Bud Josh! That strain will make you melt into your couch!

  • you should totally try the Malawi Gold strain it's an amazing strain.

  • Great review and bud shots!!, what kind of video camera do you use?

  • Cannibinerd

  • untitled beat by neckclippa

  • could you review a 7pipe twisty glass blunt