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Drink-A-Joint Contest Submit your best drink-a-joint videos by leaving a video response to this video!! Winner get’s an awesome kind creations piece!


  • i just want to put my face in all that smoke


  • Seems sorta wasteful lol.

  • Slightly Stoopid <3

  • I swear, every time I watch them light up in a video a giant smile comes across my face.

  • ahhh weed brings a smile to every stoners face look at his face at 0:58 his face lit up when he sparked the joint lol

  • this is how my friends and i wake do when one of us is asleep joint in mouth blow out wake them up in 5 minutes theyre highhh

  • i from mexico u are really Good i never see like this before … awesome…
    your site is ''la neta''

  • That is quite possibly the stupidest thing i have ever seen. Wow

  • i miss the old days with tang and chubbs where the ending was for the bootcamp im tang and im chubbs

  • fucking amazing!!!=)

  • frooooosty mugs

  • this is what stoners do

  • .. so stale. cant imagine what that taste like.

  • glass of milk a day keeps un-natural medicins away 😉

  • ahahaa he deepthroats a joint

  • its funny not hearing "Im tang, and im CHUBBS… peace" lol

  • this is fucking retarded – kids dont try this at home, you will end up with a burn mouth and not stoned = no fun .

  • Proof THC doesn't "deactivate" after 8 seconds.

  • after i finished watching this i smacked the tray of my desk and spilled everything i had just cleaned u nugporn guys are bad luck im sticking to mmjbootcamp lol jk