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Drink A Joint Contest Winner!

Gil and Tang finally announce the winner of the Drink-A-Joint contest!


  • i wish i could join nug porn team, all they do is blaze 😀

  • aaaayo song in the outro? please and thanks in advance

  • @phant0m510 lets this this thing! your laggin man

  • i prefer tp smoke my shit!

  • my video never got uploaded but i would have won because i snorted that shit lol

  • Just saw this, thanks a lot guys. No more poking holes in apples haha..

  • tang is annoying but i like the show

  • @suchadambidiot on this channel Gil is generally making the videos on location as he travels around MMJ states visiting pot clubs, grows, and glass artists to shoot their work for Once in a while Tang has time to sit down with Gil here when happen to be in the same area. They've only gotten together on video a couple times in the past few months. This is part of what took so long to get the winners announced for this contest!

  • @Adonispally Nope, but it would be dope if they would put him on one of the vids.

  • @cookiemunster420 no shit, those things look sweeettt!!! lol

  • You guys deserve more subscribers

  • what happend to mmj bootcamp tang?

  • whats the song at the end of the vid?


  • love how my pic is on the cover but im not the winner! lol


  • so this is where Tang went

  • @zenzo122 Can't remeber the song name, but the group is Brand Nubian , old school, true hip hop!


  • song name plz