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Dr. Green Thumb’s Spring Gathering!! This year’s Spring Gathering lineup is insane! With Snoop Dogg, Travis Barker, Cypress Hill, Dilated Peoples and many more! Get your tickets at designated dispensaries by filtering the map by the Spring Gathering box.


  • Haha found out a long time ago but thanks 😛

  • What is the song playing in the background?!

  • @xbcnfujv , who the fuck would you prefer pussy

    I got new instrumentals out now…
    sampled high.. priced low…
    obscene planet

  • do u need a med. license to enter???

  • Yeeeea! You guys heard the man, "don't fuck around, come smoke with us." be there or be square. I will also be sufficiently medicated throughout the day! ;D

  • @oxycodonez omfg hahaha.

  • hey hey hey smoke weed everyday


  • I think i'll be moving to california soon. I was wondering if maybe we could smoke together and make a video if i can keep up with you haha

  • If your a patient from Nevada do we still get to be in the patient area?

  • omgggg i wanna go sooo bad!!!

  • @rbass311

    I am jealous. But im not saying it for that reason. just sick of seeing abusing a potentially good movement. government isnt stupid. they see what im seeing.

  • what a shitty line-up of cliche artists.

  • @nugporn
    What's the deal with wax?? I was planning on bringing in a gram or 2 and my essential vaaapp

  • @nugporn 7 grams of BHO?!

  • @nugporn all ages at a weed themed festival? sounds awesome but i don't know about all ages.

  • @nugporn so i can go even if im 16?

  • B-Real's the man

  • fuck travis barker