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Dr. Bonni Goldstein Speaks at Realm of Caring Fundraiser – In this episode Gil and the Weedmaps TV team attend the 1st Annual Realm of Caring Fundraiser, in Los Angeles, CA to speak with Dr. Bonni Goldstein, on the science of cannabis and parents of children who are finding help through the use of CBD medicine.

Realm of Caring:



  • AC/DC has decreased the number and severity of  my 8 year old daughters seizures.  Thanks to Bonni Goldstein's guidance.  We have removed almost all pharmaceuticals from her treatment.  Only 1 more to go!  Our hope is to have her pharmaceutical free by age 9.  Between CBD and essential oils we believe it is possible.  We have seen miraculous results in 1 year of her CBD treatment. 

  • Kill the background music. It's distracting. Great video otherwise.

  • Great to see so many being helped. The entire compound seems to find the right way to correct for problems, I doubt that isolated compounds will have the same results, they will lack the entourage effect. CBD/THC combined do more, oils produced with low heat are not psychotropic.

  • Moat of these mothers say the seizures started around 4 months of age. Why are we not linking this directly to the vaccinations children receive around that age?

  • Cant wait for this breakthrough to show all those who I've argued with throughout the years about this medicine!  GO CBD!!!!!!! PRO – THC/CBD!!

  • This is great but what I find more interesting is the clash between marijuana strain nomenclature and the professional realm of pharmaceuticals. As we progress forward, are we really going to be treating sick children with Blue Cheese and Alaskan Thunderfuck? Really? 

  • Thomas Jefferson : "If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."
    rebel against the system, its tyrannical and lead by greed…

  • I encourage everyone that has a couple of bucks (or more) to support Realm of Caring and help save the lives of hurting children and adults. I do. Thanks to Gil, Weedmaps and The Stanley Brothers for getting the word out about the many medicinal benefits of cannabis. The governments sure aren't helping us so we have to help ourselves and each other.

  • +Weedmaps TV Thank you

  • This right here man, This is what got me to start helping

  • if only more people were involved in getting these anti marijuana politicians out of office, then the laws will change very fast. 

  • they cant deny the truth of how powerful the medicine in marijuana is

  • You got to help the kids !! Stop the madness!!!!!!!!!