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Downtown Patient Collective – Premium Green Dispensary Tour – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus.

Downtown Patients Collective (DTCP):
9106 Mission Blvd, Riverside, CA 92509
(949) 302-2616

Downtown Patient Collective Deliveries:



San Bernardino-


  • don't like this place the girls are sluttty ,I have morals i don't associate you sluts with cannabis, weird pervert shut ,woman shouldn't some weed that's a man's drug slut bags

  • Can I come from England and still get my campus ??????

  • an take all there shit robbin hood an give to the patients

  • I say we take down these dispenseries

  • its all about money SB 420 law nonprofit for low income patients fuck dispenseies

  • They only care about money but if there is a deal u best believe they will get it before the people do …… fuck this weed shop 50 a g for that bullshit crumble 20 a g for nug wow to much

  • Grow your own and stop bitchin.

  • I agree it's all about the money for some of these dispensaries but ours if you're a real patient and you have real elements that hurts we offered for free ours is called angels kush . We ask u to call 909 232 7009. If u can donate please so continue to offer the service for patients all around the ie who are having hard times

  • She talks really fast.

  • all I gotta say is shop can get ounces for what these people effectively charge for a quarter oz…notice she doesn't quote oz prices..because you'd pass out from shock!!…I recommend LA Wonderland

  • Dtpc one of my not to go spots very low G………

  • I live in Birmingham, AL. I live in severe chronic pain on a daily basis. I currently take 8-10 Narco a day and wear a Fentanyl patch that I switch out every three days. I am also on two different anti-convulsants to help with the pain and Flexeril. I eat pheneran like candy because of the unrelenting nausea from my gastroparisis.
    I've had 5 spine surgeries – three of them were fusions, I've had brain surgery – a complete craniectomy and duraplasty (20 staples in the back of my head)- they had to cut through my blood brain barrier because my brain was herniating into my spinal canal.I have a Chiari 1 Malformation. I've had tumor removal in my thigh – because of one of my diseases it leaked lymphatic fluid for three months. I've had my right hip surgically broken – the 130 degree labral tear reattached with 4 anchors, the osteophites removed from my pelvic floor and then my femoral head micro-fractured and placed back in the socket – this is after they shaved off all the cam impingements – you see it was out of the joint – just  like my left one is now. Truthfully it is quite painful. Once they did relocate my right femoral head I was put on this machine for 6 weeks for 6 hours a day. It made my leg rotate as if it were riding a bike. This was to form a false cartilage so that it would not dislocate again. I have has another 'adjustment' surgery on it. Honestly that is expected with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome…. I could go on with the fact that I have a massive cyst on my knee that I just had meniscus surgery on. It has been drained twice and now it is so tight if feels as if my knee needs a root canal. Or I could tell you that my right ankle is broken and I haven't gotten around to that surgery yet… but really…really….what I really want to know is this – why isn't Medical MJ available to me?

  • Hell yeah this is my spot!! Love it

  • ALL OF YOU THAT ARE COMPLAIN ! You dumb fucks that 50 bucks and eigth is worth it ! Its way better than why you can get for 30 and eigth

  • I can see why everyone talks about farmers markets as being the place to buy.
    Those prices seem high.

  • Rather go down the street to Dutch House they got similar, if not the same for way lower prices. Or hit up EPG they got FIRE there.

  • People complaining about price lmao!!!! You just wait till big corp. take over the weed business then the prices will really give you something to whine about. Oh yeah and I'm sure when they do take over the bud won't be as good either.

  • Ppl who keep on complaining about 20 bucks and gram Obviously arnt from the east coast. Try 60 and 8th 140 a quarter..Tho it could be a little lower if you know somebody..

  • Come on FL get this shit popping…