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Dollar High Club – (

Dollar High Club is a monthly subscription box for smokers that ships to your door in a couple days! They have 3 different tiers, in all price ranges, for all different smoking situations!! It’s a box full of useful smoking accessories & ships in an extremely discreet box.


  • What days do you upload?

  • music pls? :D

  • You always crack me up! Hey where was the pipe from?

  • Joint is made from vegetable glycerin

  • 1:56

  • favorite cannabis channel on YouTube?

  • a joint a day is only a little more than an oz. a month that's not really "a lot" of herb

  • josh a lil tip if u r smoking and need ur index hold the joint between your pinky and ring finger that way u can us ur index finger

  • smoke a popper man!

  • clear cones used to be my favorite until I realized I could roll mad decent blunts, love your channel though Josh and KEEP IT GOIN <3

  • Hey bud, just wanted to say i'v enjoyed every video iv watched so far. Your very outgoing and always chill and in a peace happy love spreading mood. very well run channel. And funny when you asked about the clear cone, i remember being just as amazed as you with what the heck it was. Then you pulled out the Tripp papers and those were them from like 6 years back! Funny though how yours are made with some "cotton" cellulose, and i swear mine read "vegetable" cellulose. Cheers fellow ganja guru :)

  • hey are you ever find unbox a buddabox no one else has on YouTube so pleaseeee

  • Hay Shaggey, where is Scooby??? lol

  • name it scorchio

  • ive had the clear ones before, the guy told me it was all natural so im not sure, but it wasnt that great.

  • that lighter is sick

  • Fred the Fried Lobster

  • Its a troglodite. Prehistoric animal.

  • The new bowl should be called the octowasp

  • what's your favorite subscription box?