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DOES WEED MAKE YOU LAZY??? – (Weed Myths #9)


I decided to cover a topic that’s presented quite a bit to me! I decided to finally redo this and try to cover it with my current day knowledge.

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  • Video idea. Talk about drinking dirty bong water

  • Do a weed myth about weed and if it causes short term memory loss

  • hey dude can you do some kind of video explaining what forms of consumption of cannabis are the healthiest like in terms of eating and or smoking and or other forms of consumption… I just want to know maybe what is the best overall way of intake … THANKS CUZZZZ

  • Hey Josh, I'm really caffeine sensitive. Drinking even small amounts of coffee makes me feel nauseous and sick. I'm looking for different alternative for caffeine to help me stay productive. Could sativa dominant strains help me stay productive with school work?

  • ……makes me forget I'm lazy.

  • Im doing kush-ups right now

  • No, I just don't want to do work! I want to enjoy my life

  • Hi josh. I understand where you're coming from in that people who are inherently lazy aren't made lazy by cannabis. But don't you think if a person has issues with laziness it might be beneficial for a person to stay away from cannabis? I've had issues with laziness with and without cannabis. Is it better for me to stay away or is it possible for a person like me to be a somewhat regular cannabis user and still function properly? I understand this is an issue with myself, but is weed getting in the way of me overcoming laziness or is that just propaganda succeeding in keeping me away from "harmful" illegal drugs? Any input is appreciated. Keep up the great vids man.

  • alcohol makes you lazy.. I no people that sit on there ass and get drunk. smoke some sweet sativa and get motivated!!!?

  • Great vid!

  • Smoking along today

  • You have to try blue ghost

  • comfortable

  • weed dosent make u lazy u just get too comftrable in a spot so u think ur lazy but your just feeling comfrtable

  • Shave for 500k subs!

  • Weed doesn't make me lazy, i'm like that on my own lol

  • Recent study by The University of British Columbia has in fact linked THC to a drop in motivation in rats. Although only temporary, rats did show a higher disposition towards an easier task for lesser rearward when on THC compared to a higher tendency to choose the harder task for a better reward when not on THC. So to answer this question in a short line; yes smoking weed will make you lazy, but more or less only for the duration of your high and a short while after.


    Do not take this as my bashing weed or saying it is bad. Simply a relevant study that is something good to see when researching such a topic.

  • Ghost OG sounds fire!

  • Do a draw my life

  • What a question, for me :
    Doing chores on cannabis = 4h
    Doing chores without cannabis = 30 min