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Thought i’d look through some comments and find something you guys suggested to so a topic video today! 😛

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  • I used to smoke shit 2 grams a day with hot knives lol now an eith lasts me a year I hope it doesn't go bad

  • 7 months ago my friend had to throw out a few nugs for some random reason, we came across them today and they were completely brown and shitty

  • I had mine for like 2 weeks is that fine ?

  • The idea is saving a specific type for a special occasion I'd imagine.

  • my girlfriend has been asking for anal for a while…. here we go I guess

  • You sound like Ellen degeneres doing your motivational talk

  • i have a question does it weed turn bad in a week??

  • He Was Struggling To Figure Out At
    The Beginning
    Reasons That A Sane Human Being Would Let Weed Go Bad XD

  • You look extra handsome here :D

  • Talking stash here and not plants themselves.Someone suggested that I put a piece of tortilla in with the weed to keep it fresh and it did become very moist –  lost all of its dryness a little while later. Does that moisture inhibit the bacteria process though? What about refrigeration -is that recommended?

  • If stored properly the flavor and smell of the bud gets better and better with time up until a point. I have not heard of curing for 4 years personally, but DJ Short obviously knows what he is talking about he is the breeder of possibly the most highly praised flavor strain ever (DJ Shorts Blueberry). I have heard of year or two long cures and was told it was a supreme smoke.

  • good video

  • i have smoked blueberry kush that is 8 years old. still taste the blueberry muffins and hits like nothing i can get now

  • After i buy some, how long-ish do you think i have before i need to begin to worry about it going bad if i have it in a mason jar or bag?

  • very informative, subbed. cheers!

  • does weed make you lose weight

  • 6

  • How about overly dry weed? I know it burns a bit faster, but is it bad? I got a half oz and have been working on it for a couple months. I am a casual smoker, but the bud was dry the day I got it. It has been kept in an air tight glass jar.

  • resin not rosin

  • Don't smoke under the bed weed unless you know how long its been there. Experience.