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So I haven’t done one of these weed myths in what feels like forever, so I thought i’d do a full one on weed & sleep! I cover all the different aspects of cannabis & sleep and address what CBD really does to us!

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  • that's werid, when I go to bed high I always dream and always remember every dream
    ps: your da

  • amarillo texas dealer where you at xD

  • These are my favorite kind of videos lol

  • There are almost 420,000 Subs.

  • when i stop smoking its hard to sleep regularly again

  • marijuana has helped me with night terror issues. even with high doses i still end up dreaming but when i sleep stoned my dreams are always happier and not dark reminding me of my childhood. plus after i had my gallbladder removed i started having gas issues that build up painfully when i lay down for too long but smoking helps relieve this.

  • I don't know maybe I'm different but I dream hard every time I go to sleep stoned.

  • U looking good man, I mean in the straight side. 😛

  • lol the end. I smoke a blunt before I go to sleep. works for me

  • more weed myths!!!!!

  • i have very vivid dreams every night whether i smoke or not. i always remember them.

  • I sleep well when I'm high but if I sober up first then I can't get to sleep for ages and it seems to be more of a deep sleep when I'm high is this a thing

  • go vegan if you wanna have dreams again

  • obama keeps selling out,
    he just got 400k for a wall street speech^^

  • catnip.. ?

  • I started watching this while high and then I fell asleep. let's try this again…

  • hey Josh if you smoke weed to get rid of pains will your pains go away faster

  • I always have dreams lol

  • I pretty much medicate all day. On average 4g a day. I usually sleep for 8 hours a night. I am only high for about 2 hours. I do dream and have even experienced rem sleep immediately after falling asleep in the last week. That being said I also have found several ways to balance my body chem vs my med consumption. You need to add in some cbd into your daily routine to balance your body's ability to reset from mass thc consumption. I usually will vape a gram or just under daily since it usually tastes like smoking a haystack. There are a million theories out there about x leading to y and causing z. If you get in a spot where your cannabis consumption is not increasing your quality of living, you need to evaluate the situation and adjust.

  • What the fuck is the intro beat please