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Does Eating Weed Get You High?? – (Weed Myths #5)


I decided to break down how eating weed actually works! 😛 I’ve been asked plenty, if eating raw bud actually gets you high. So I though i’d address it really quickly!!


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  • Josh do a video if weed is a psychedelic!!

  • wait so putting a bud in the oven for like 5 mins and ate it..?

  • I ate a bud and it tasted like sweet pepper

  • What are your views on psychedelic drugs such as LSD and mushrooms? keep in mind psychedelic mushrooms are 100% natural just like marijuana.

  • So… If you put the bud in an oven or something and then eat it youll get high? Or did i mess that up completely?

  • does eating raw cannabis reduce pain? i feel lik the high it self helps to "no focusing" on the pain more than the acuall painkilling.. any thoughts?

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  • protein? in a plant?

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  • Does the liver change THCa or CBD once ingested?

  • is anyone else thinking of inherent vice?

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  • Video summary: eating weed doesn't get you high, THCA requires heat to be converted to THC

  • Ima go ahead and say eating raw weed does get you high a little bit but not that much. But eating decarbed weed gets u super faded. Full cerebral and body effects with the red eyes and puffiness we all love. But you gotta eat enough and know how much you put it. Takes about 100 mg to get high. Honestly making some butter will make any stash last a long time. But I just gotta smoke tho lmao. I got edibles up the ass, and Vape e juice for 5 years lmao. It was ez to make all in one batch and I was surprised how strong it was so I was like wow I'm never running out. But I just prefer smoking. It's wasting money to be honest lmao. I could literally spend like 100 a year if all I did was vaporize my weed in e juice. someone pls help me get to just vaping lmao. Idk why I'm addicting to consuming my weed in smoke only. Any ideas?