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So I did a topic video today that was suggested to me in a comment a while back!! Should have more content out the next several days!!

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  • that propane torch actually heated up your nail faster propane burns hotter

  • Leaves work just fine

  • i use i lighter to dab…………… JK

  • you lost weight :o??? hoooww???

  • Noo, you will take a bigger hit after coughing. You will be higher if you cough through the whole session.

  • when you cough, it opens capillaries that don't normally open. Thus, thc goes where it is not normally absorbed. This is proven by High Times, and some University they do studies at.

  • Coughing doesnt make you higher…. It means you took in such a big hoot that you have to cough. Which means your higher cause you had a large hoot. Simpe

  • The neighbourhood cat just thinks when he coughs a lot he gets quite a bit less high, not more

  • ur face seems fatter here

  • Hey Josh, I'm 15 almost 16 is this a good age to start smoking weed?

  • So funny!

  • i just think i get higher when i cough because to make me cough i have had to have smoked a shit tone off weed. so really smoking more weed gets me higher (obviously). but the coughing is kinda like warning

  • wifi? like from 21 jump street? OH LORDY!

  • Actual cannabis leaves do have cannabanoids in them, just not nearly as much as buds. They'll definitely get you high, especially with a low tolerance.

  • what happens when you cough is the same when you hold it in. you deprive your brain of oxygen giving you the extra boost thing that you get.

  • "I refilled that one every two months, I refill this one every two fucking minutes" I don't know why but this made me laugh so much ???

  • I HATE COUGHING!!!! I plan to get a vaporizer one day. I only smoke flower. Haven't tried cooking with any yet.

  • Has he lost weight of was his beard making him look fat back then?

  • Every time i cough only means if the weed is that good, or not worth it. LOOOL a lot of shit weeds get you coughin like a motherfucker but doesnt get you high looool just imo tho. hehe nice vids man! Cheers from the Philippines. haha