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Do Mangoes “Boost” Your High?? – (Weed Myths #3)


Decided to do another weed myth today, so I thought i’d tackle “mangoes boosting your high” – This was one that I had to spend a good bit of time researching, but was one of my favorites to make in quite a while!


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  • Drinking concentrated mango nectar.

  • someone told me that if u hit a joint or a blunt while you are lighting it, it burns most of the thc out of it, is this true or not?

  • this is pretty sick but i got confused. do you eat the mango before or after? haha

  • Get out your magic bullet and add some ice. You'll have a nice shake also I add moscato.

  • Does mango juice work?

  • what was that bright neon green thing in the center of the screen had to watch video twice because first time was to focused on it

  • You sir just earned 1 new subscriber

  • You sir just earned 1 new subscriber

  • josh duddddde first time being actually leveled watching one of your vids beast dude

  • Those "Asian Mangoes" are actually Champagne Mangoes and they are grown in South America as well as Mexico. 99% of mangoes you can buy in U.S. are from Mexico, Haiti or South america simply because they can survive the shipping. Honestly, I've tried this with three different kinds of mangoes and it all feels the same, you just have to make sure they are really ripe. The red isn't really an indicator for ripeness as some species don't even have red, the softer they are, the riper they are. And yes, I am a Mango aficionado lol

  • Im from Mexico and i havent seen a single red mangoe in my life, all i know are yellow, sweet and practically everyone loves them, thanks for the info, mate.

  • How's the song from 1:171:30 called???? please I really wanna know I love it!!!

  • you should do a test yourself man see and talk us through your high and how it feels

  • What about mango juices? If I buy pre made mango juice in a bottle or some other beverage with mango in it does it carry the same effect, and to what extent?

  • im still relatively new to smoking and im just wondering if mango flavoured papers will "boost" my high

  • what is ripe?

  • If it's hitting you quicker wouldn't smoking the same amount w/ eating a mango technically last longer than smoking w/o eating one?

  • Asian mango tend to be softer than any other type of mangoes(and is usually always gonna be yellow), but a perfectly ripe mango has a very tasty aroma and is typically red with hints of yellow and green and is soft but firm when you press on it; during mango season I always smoke from a mango whenever i find them on trees.
    Cheers from Miami.

  • what about mango infused drinks?

  • bruh your lips are so pink.