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Dixie X – Salve Hemp CBD – Visit for more information. – News Sept 05 2012 – Visit and search menus for Dixie Elixirs locations.


  • yup

  • I jumped in at 0.0340 😉 I'm holding long too 🙂

  • I bought this product for my grandmother here in florida and no lie she is absolutely in love with it. It relieves her pain associated with arthritis and cancer. I do not work for the company but i did become an investor aftering seeing these results. no lie, see for yourself @ miracle drug for real !!!

  • please can somebody put up a review for this on youtube or grasscity? I need to know if this is a scam or not

  • mm can u ship to florida or just medical states?

  • its about to be on! 60 minutes! Go MJNA!

  • I have been a medical marijuana patient in Canada for 4 yrs now. I really appreciate what they are doing! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start selling in Canada!!!

  • sell some to canada,meby i juts cant find it canada.

  • i jumped in at .047… lookin to buy more soon go long go MJNA!

  • hahah thats shitty! better smell like some danky dank hahaha

  • thiers like no weed with cbd unless its wild.

  • Both of yall are gay, r3dband is leet!

  • Buy stock in this company ticker symbol MJNA only .06 cents per share

  • watch the homophobic language man.

  • " i can see what you guys are doing for the community. not like you used to be" you're admitting and acknowledging that they ARE doing something for the COMMUNITY, so if you are against that, yeah, why the hell are you still subscribed?

  • Obviously

  • i no

  • It's about finding an alternative to chemicals, not getting "high." This is not for you here.

  • Fucking retards, this channel is not about getting high, it is about medicine

  • Lol dude. You don't feel any high with this