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Dispensary Tour – York Dispensary in Toronto, ON M6E 2G5 – Medical Marijuana Shop

Located in the heart of Toronto on Eglinton West, the new York Dispensary will be accepting members legally prescribed in Canada. They are dedicated to providing a variety of top quality medicine, as well as all other tools and knowledge regarding dosage and consumption. As a resource center driven by patients, for patients, York Dispensary look forward to creating a warm, welcoming culture for all members at our Dispensary.

Becoming a member at York Dispensary is free & easy! Toronto’s elite, holistic medical marijuana resource center honors itself in providing a variety of top quality medicine at competitive and compassionate prices. With an expansive range in flower, concentrates and edibles, York Dispensary is happy to serve all MMPR and MMAR patients in Canada. ALL patients are also asked to provide them with a valid government-issued photo ID.​


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In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


  • lol Area is pretty dangerous doe my friends have been robbed there many times

  • can you get a dispensary card on the spot?

  • so with a prescription from this location i will able to purchase medicine from any dispensary in the gta ?
    ALSO LOVE THIS I LIVE LIKE 1 MIN AWAY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ! 🙂 your really making a difference

  • Do I need a prescription from a physician in order to buy medical marijuana from York Dispensary?

  • "We hear at York despensory"…

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  • shout out from toronto !

  • thé dream cyclery awesome

  • Awesome place and selection. No, I don't work for them, just live within walking distance. Nothing like taking a stroll to the corner vege market and then to the dispensary on the way home. Sam is very knowledgeable Yes, living in Toronto is good!!!

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  • no way 29% flower

  • And I will buy a Z a time or just to see what it is like a q first of the Bruce Banner and some classic OG Kush

  • 1 g as well ??

  • I will give you $20 a gram if you have to send it to me

  • If I'm ever our that way I'll stop by and share a bowl! Shout out from Greeley, CO! Keep it dank 420! Peace, World!

  • 10%?

  • here we go another volunteer who works for free lol