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Dispensary Tour – Vancity Weed in Vancouver, B.C. – Medical Marijuana Shop

Vancity Weed is a customer-focused, quality-driven chain of medical marijuana dispensaries serving the city of Vancouver. Their mission is to provide their patients unparalleled patient care.

You can find locally grown exclusive strains such as Cali Kush Bomb, Purple Voodoo and Grapefruit at Vancity Weed. Cali Kush Bomb is an indica dominant hybrid that is high in CBD and is recommend for patients with arthritis. The more balanced Purple Voodoo is sought after for its pain relieving properties. On the other side of the spectrum, the sativa dominant Grapefruit is used to help treat depression and stress.

Vancity Weed offers a 20% discount for veterans, people with disabilities and senior citizens.


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  • Moving here in a week!! Fucking love Vancouver!! It's medication time hate anxiety and Vancouver is my cure

  • Seems like a decent location

  • Enough with the dispensary tours, notice how strain reviews get 3-4 times the views, get with the program.

  • They should do a reboot of the Bob & Doug McKenzie movie where it's about all the weed in Canada instead of the beer.

  • Are the jars kept under lights? Where the resin can degrade?

  • looks dope

  • poo ass weed

  • Dude is a little nervous on camera….nice shop!

  • No Brasil tem muito que aprender ??✌