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Dispensary Tour – The Waterloo Dispensary in Waterloo, ON – Medical Marijuana Shop

Established in 2016, The Waterloo Dispensary offers a broad range of medical marijuana, cannabinoids, marijuana oils, THC concentrates and edible cannabis for health therapies. Their trained and knowledgeable staff are highly informed and educated to provide you with personalized and supportive care in using medical marijuana for your use.

At The Waterloo Dispensary, their goal is to help every patient who comes in feel cared for, valued and respected. They ensure their medical cannabis patients are delivered a safe and affordable alternative to pharmaceutical products. Waterloo Dispensary is confident that their patients faithfully observe and follow the laws of the Province of Ontario and Canada to ensure an environment of safe, and responsible use of medical marijuana.

Three of their most popular strains are Pink Lizard, Kosher Kush, and Amnesia Haze. Pink Lizard is an indica-dominant hybrid that is prescribed to patients who suffer from anxiety and sleep disorder. The more indica dominant strain, Kosher Kush, is best know for treating patients with insomnia, stress, and pain. The sativa dominant strain Amnesia Haze is best for patients who suffer from anxiety, depression and pain.

In addition to their extensive selection of dried cannabis, Waterloo Dispensary carries a wide variety of marijuana products. Such as their Juju Joints, hash, medicated teas and cooking oils.


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