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Dispensary Tour – The Scarborough Dispensary in Toronto, ON M1P 2L3 – Medical Marijuana Shop

​At the Scarborough Dispensary, they provide a professional, clean and safe environment for all verified members. As the new East Toronto Medical Cannabis Resource Center, The Scarborough Dispensary strives to help all patients access top quality medicine.

With their expertise, they ensure proper treatment and titration. The Scarborough Dispensary does not believe in the over use of prescription drugs or over-the-counter pills. Compassionately and discreetly, they reach out to a rapidly growing number of people who strongly believe in the positive effects of medical cannabis. The Scarborough Dispensary is a heart and soul holistic clinic geared towards spreading happiness through good health.


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  • any marijuana with purple in it is shit! sativas all the way.

  • Gimme some of that Black Tuna; all the medicine looked delicious

  • great looking storefront! can't wait to check it out!

  • What kind of idiot budtender tells his customers to smoke a sativa before bed time

  • How do you register for a green card?

  • How the hell do I help get marijuana legal in wisconsin im tired of pain killers

  • man they need to step up their trimming game most of those buds aren't even properly trimmed . maybe I'm just a stickler when it comes to trimming tho

  • We need place's like this in Pennsylvania!!! Amazing selection.