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Dispensary Tour – The Healing Center in San Diego, CA – Medical Marijuana Shop

The Healing Center San Diego is the first Collective to receive a Conditional Use Permit in Mission Valley San Diego. The owners Ray Taylor and James Dickinson opened the doors in March 2016. The suite contains only the highest quality medication, and trained professional Cannabis Care Consultants to assist patients. The Healing Center is also open for deliveries throughout Central San Diego. The mission at THCSD is to deliver the highest quality lab-tested medicine in a safe, upscale environment. They do this with the utmost compassion and attention to the needs of their patients.

Some of their favorite strains that they carry is Cookies and Cream (part of the GSC family) which is known for its cookie and cream taste. Another one of their popular strains is Obama Kush known for its purple tint and indict-dominant properties making it any ideal strain for many ailments.

See more of what THCSD has to offer in the links below!


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In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


  • All dispensaries open at 11-12am lmao stoner life

  • anyone in sdeezy been here? i might hit them em cuz pot of gold collective doesnt get new shit that often

  • This place looks amazing

  • As the kid of a cancer patient at moores and a regular pain management patient for nerve pain and headaches I love the message this guy has 🙂 he seems so sincere and good it's refreshing! Keep doin what you're doing guys!

  • looks lame

  • i live in san diego i think someone tried to break in the shop like 2 days ago

  • I Love When They Show All The Flowers Great Keep Up Good Work.

  • I like this place just never like security with firearms but I understand because of the location. I might stop by one day!

  • San Diego

  • Pricy but very good products and great concentrate selection. I wonder if in the future some shops will only do concentrates.

  • Seems like a decent place to get extracts and edibles more than anything else. Their herb is really pricey there at all levels for a california shop, pounds are selling for under 3K now from wholesalers for Grade A (which means they are DOUBLING the price for their retail herb, if not more for small quantities) but they've got really nice prices for the extracts at least. Finally professional shops are carrying Rosin there, very nice, its decent priced and basic shatter is normally priced for the region.

  • much Respect THC… IG:@mr.bhomb

  • quality flowers!!!

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