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Dispensary Tour – Social Collective in Toronto, ON – Medical Marijuana Shop

Social Collective (SoCo) is a non for profit member ran organization dedicated to producing and processing medical cannabis for licensed patients. SoCo’s mission is to provide the highest quality medicine at the lowest possible price. They achieve this by growing and processing their own medical cannabis.

SoCo’s three most strains are Alan Young Kush, Concussion Kush and Tahoe OG. Alan Young Kush is a SoCo exclusive strain and is a perfect balance of indica and sativa. Whereas the indica-heavy Concussion Kush will send your mind and body into a pain-free slumber. The popular Tahoe OG is a go-to strain for stress-relief.

Social Collective was founded in 1996 by Mark Stupak. SoCo supports people with MMAR and MMPR permits. Their team is comprised of currently licensed patients who can answer any cannabis-related questions. You can find more SoCo locations in Etobicoke (SoCo West), in North York (SoCo HQ), in Scarborough (SoCo East), and in Vaughan (SoCo North).


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