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Dispensary Tour – Sahara Wellness in Las Vegas, NV – Medical Marijuana Shop

From the soothing sounds of a water wall to the warmth of a wood interior and beautiful artwork, as soon as you enter Sahara Wellness you are welcomed into a relaxing space where they strive to provide their patients with a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. That balance is achieved through a compassionate and knowledgeable staff who possess both a passion for the medical cannabis industry as well as an unrivaled dedication to assisting those in need of a natural method for pain relief.

If this is your first dispensary visit, they are happy to provide you with a consultation in their private patient consulting room. Sahara Wellness also arranges for a specialized Cannabis Nurse to answer any questions you may have. For everyone who visits their dispensary, will leave Sahara Wellness with the best experience the industry can provide.

Their budtenders are available to assist patients in selecting cannabis-based medicine that best suits their needs from their selection of flower, waxes, CBD lotions, and delicious edibles including cookies and brownies. For the traditional user, Sahara Wellness also offers paraphernalia including pipes of all sizes and types, as well as various vape pens.

Because Sahara Wellness is committed to “patients before profits,” they offer counseling, educational seminars, cannabis usage classes, and continuing care to support their patients. The team at Sahara Wellness is dedicated to assisting each patient with information and research so they can make the most informed decision possible as to what type of cannabis product best fits their needs to treat their condition.

Sahara Wellness’ mission and reason for being is all about the patient. They care about the miraculous benefits cannabis provides to patients in desperate need of a natural remedy for their pain and suffering and they want to, above all else, provide a healing experience.


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  • He'll yea I'm from California hitting this spot when I'm in Vegas

  • I got my Doctor's approval and sending in my license to State. Almost 100 certain I will be stopping in as a patron because i really the like dispensary's mission to help find the newly medication patient correct and most effectuon relief tailored for theur indivdual medical needs. Very professional

  • This honestly was the most professional dispensary I have seen on WeedMaps tv; The prices need to come WAY down but honestly I was truly amazed at how safe they keep their employees and the patients. Like damn talk about safety first BUT with a mellow vibe. Plus this badass grandma made it all worth it 🙂 Cheers from Humboldt County, California!

  • Best address ever. I'm stopping by next time I'm in Vegas since my Cali rec will work there. :))

  • I am a stickler and study this market every day. This is one of the most professional looking dispensaries, but sadly their prices are almost double of other states. Not sure if it's because of the local taxes, but man, over 400 an O for A quality let alone A+ quality prices for normal concentrates.. I've never paid that in 10 years and I travel all over many legal and illegal states. High grade building makes a high grade price I suppose.

  • Vegas representing! I hope this place goes recreational next year.

  • 420 lol

  • i love this one becouse so transparent

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