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Dispensary Tour – Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op – Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Everyone in the San Diego area needs to make a stop by the Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op. These guys have some great parking options and an even better menu. Head on over to weedmaps and check out there menu which is loaded with test results!! Don’t forget to support your local businesses!

To find Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op and their menu visit weedmaps:


  • it's $60 for a 8th of Tokyo. You also get a get a free gift with each order.

  • you take it from the security guard after 9pm, Sundays after 8pm ;)

  • I like her.

  • Definitely not going to his place if they are advertising a strain named after Obama the Presidential traitor and worst President to date. I would smoke a Putin or Assad strain before that wanna be Stalin tyrant known as Obama.

  • Overpriced bud .

  • Economic change & increased tax revenue is a apart of Prohibition. YES it sucks and it's awesome. I prefer to walk into a secure location that is running legal and making a difference for my state and my beautiful city. I prefer a knowledgeable staff over some shady pop up office with crappy product. I also dont drink moonshine in a back alley… I.prefer to sip Makers Mark when I sip my alcohol. That being said…. I prefet the top shelf quality that Point Loma provides its customer. Keep doing what your doing.

  • i've been there….they're overpriced. You can get the same quality medication for cheaper in lots of other places

  • This is the very first dispensary I ever went to and I love them.

  • Best place to get your meds! buds are dank ???

  • "highest testing waxes and flowers you can find" LOL its the holy grail of dispensaries people!!!!! I've never been to this place, but I do live in San Diego and have tried the "Tokyo OG". $65 is RAPE prices for OG like that. Also it looks like all the wax is "in house" (if not please correct me, i want terps). Just by these 2 comments she made, I will probably never go to this shop even though I live within 5 mins.

  • Fuck this place they got shit overpriced

  • you guys are just gouging people for 65/8th. I wouldn't even buy it if it was a 5G 8th. maybe if it was 5G and I can try before I buy. But still that's crazy for 3.5

  • 65 for an 1/8 is ridiculous nowadays – you can get 27% thc strains sc lab tested from delivery services all over SD and orange county… pay this place no mind… money hungry weighed out 3.49 1/8's…

  • just so you know… you are not compassionate.. when you charge 60-65 an eighth… you suck.. you are NOTclassy or Awesome.. I buy that same percentages for 30-40 an eighth. Thank you for showing me why I don't live in Cali.

  • Nice to watch – never been there.

  • Please 'bud tenders' use the botanical term of cannabis.

  • $65 an 1/8th? :(. $35 TOPS in Canada. Dang :(

  • not even remotely the best in the san diego area. and for $65 an 8th you, the patient are getting a not so medicinal fist to the no no square.

  • The security guard, can work for the dispensary, but cannot try the product due to drug testing from the security company they work for.

  • 1/8 price tho..damn!