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Dispensary Tour – Locals Canna House in Spokane Valley, WA – Recreational Marijuana Collective

Locals Canna House located in Spokane, Washington, is a great choice for any one looking for recreational marijuana in the Evergreen State! With their comfortable interior and a wide selection of top shelf strains, concentrates, and infused products, LCH is not to be missed. Give the video a thumbs up if you’d visit LCH!

Washingtonians, remember to check up on Locals Canna House’s Weedmenu to stay up to date on everything they have available!

A fairly new establishment, Locals Canna House sits right next to a pool/billiard ale house and has ample parking.

At LCH they stay dedicated to giving different products to recreational enthusiasts, meaning they rotate out product lines and give different daily deals to all customers. Grams at the dispensary range from $10 to $15, and eighths start down at $30 up to $45. They really listen to the consumer when it comes to product. If something flies off the shelf, they’ll make sure to get it back up there. They are committed to listening to customer feedback about how they liked products, so if you want to visit a dispensary with a caring, attentive staff that will give you outstanding, enduring service, visit LCH!

Weedmaps Review of Locals Canna House from
“This place really is the best dispensary I’ve been to so far. I think the other dispensaries I go to are great too and still visit them… frequently:) But, I have to say that Locals Canna House has an edge on the atmosphere and knowledgable staff. The atmosphere is trendy and classy-chill… love the colors, decor (especially the artwork on the walls:) and the set up of the two tables with the bud display jars. The knowledge of the staff went way beyond what I expected and was glad to finally met a dispensary employee that knew what I was talking about when discussing why indicas are more harsh than sativas… I didn’t know why but now I do… thank you! Overall it was an excellent experience!”

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  • will someone tell me can I get dab bongs from a place like this moving to Washington this mau

  • and the first guy is a LITTLE BITCH! :D

  • The 2nd dude is like: duuuuuuude.. :=?|
    and the chick was like: uuuhh :=S

  • 10-15 a gram not bad and beautiful packaging nice store and the staff seem great.. Def gonna stop by this store one day

  • Danaka seems totally down to business. I bet she owns horses or something.

  • Going to have to check this shop out next time I'm in the Valley! seems like a very nice shop!

  • 1:16 WHITE POWER


  • best tour yet! damnnnnn!

  • Is it me is does the "OWNERSHIP" of Medical dispensary and recreational Lack in "Diversity"

  • gonna have to check these guys out soon. hopefully they will do more oil sales. I have done a review on that NW fire shatter and I like it it tastes like the rainforest.

  • This is one of the best if not best reviews you guys have done recently. Like they commenters said good show of the store good. Not just one person interviewed. Only complaint no real shot zoomed in of product. Besides that great looks like an awesome place wish I would've stopped here over uncle Ike's for my first dispensary.

  • Damn danaka why you gotta be so fine?

  • looks super nice!

  • I like hearing from the store owners a lot more then the token pretty bud tender that is in every video. Good start but a weak finish.

  • Allright. Dare I say.. best Dispensary tour from Weedmaps that I can remember? Looks like a solid staff, forward and clear as water.

  • Finally a dispensary that doesn't have black market prices????

  • i would visit this place

  • dam they have good deals !! I wish this shop was closer to me