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Dispensary Tour – Lightshade Havana, CO

Lightshade is one of the most reputable, high-end marijuana dispensaries in Denver, serving medical and adult customers at multiple locations in the Denver metro area, including Aurora and Lakewood. Established in 2011, Lightshade has a reputation for growing the best quality genetics in Colorado. With the highest THC levels in lab results for our marijuana strains, it’s no surprise that cannabis connoisseurs from Colorado and around the world continue to visit Lightshade for the best weed in Denver. If you are looking for marijuana dispensaries in Denver or Aurora, or wondering where to buy marijuana in Colorado, you’ve found the right place.

Lightshade serves medical patients and adult customers ages 21+ at our Peoria and Holly stores. We serve medical patients ages 18+ and adult customers ages 21+ at our Sheridan location. Due to city regulations, Lightshade’s 6th Ave and Havana locations serve recreational marijuana (21+) customers only. There are laws and regulations within Colorado that both medical and adult marijuana customers must follow, such as purchase and carry limits. Please visit our Laws & FAQs page for more information about Colorado marijuana laws to ensure you are following the proper weed laws and regulations.

In addition to our retail stores, Lightshade has several state-of-the-art marijuana growing facilities located throughout Colorado. Our Holly location includes a retail/medical store attached to one of our growing facilities, and features a viewing window in the waiting lobby where our customers can see what a professional, high-end marijuana growing facility looks like. Our Holly, Peoria, Sheridan, Havana and 6th Ave stores each include a huge selection of marijuana products, including flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, topicals and merchandise. Visit Lightshade today to see why the difference is night and day between us and the other marijuana dispensaries in Denver.


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  • what are prices for non residents?and can you buy ounces now if you are non resident I heard a law recently passed.

  • This is one of the best ones ive seen on this channel

  • I still gotta try live resin it just sounds to good. Is it worth the extra price bump though?

  • That aint the real durban poison, dont be fooled. It's obviously been crossed with another high yielding indica.

  • That place is fancy as fuck, damn son

  • I need to make more drops

  • Finally a fuckin manager that knows his shit

  • why are there two dispensaries toured that are the same thing? its a chain dispensary the product is exactly the same as the last lightshade which is meh. pretty much any other dispensary in co would be better other than native roots, livwell and strainwise they all suck too. like the walmart's of the weed industry. should make it a rule to only tour dispensaries that have one location, keeps the selling out to the minimum.

  • I love Lightshade :D

  • I can't wait until this happens in Georgia. Those employees have by far the best job, even if the money isn't great, it's probably the only job that I would love to do for life and be happy. Cheers

  • I think this cocksucker is more concerned of making cash than is patients.

  • nice dispensary!

  • Thank you! Keep it up!