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Dispensary Tour – Health Cannabis Dispensary in W Toronto, Canada – Medical Marijuana Shop

Health Cannabis Inc is Canada’s first MMPR showroom and MMAR dispensary. Giving patients greater access to Medical Cannabis and educating those new to the industry looking for guidance on products, LP’s and more.

Patients can register online at the Health Cannabis website ( or in person, provided they have their license to possess as well as a valid piece of government ID.

Any LP products or interim memberships purchased at any Health Cannabis location will be given a 10% discount on all Health Cannabis products during that visit. All Veterans are offered $1/g discount.


About Weedmaps
Weedmaps is the world’s first marijuana technology and media brand.

Since 2008, has helped medical marijuana patients and adult recreational users find the doctor’s, dispensaries, retail stores, delivery services, menus, and deals near them. With close to 8,000 listings, Weedmaps is the largest directory of medical and adult use marijuana in the world.

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In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


  • ::UPDATE:: Shop Close Down!?

  • hi, i'm a drug dealer. lol

  • Free the weed

  • Weed Is My Best Friend..!

  • And this corporate weed from tweed is garbage . They're stockpiling this hoping to make a lot of money , but when people see this garbage they're going just keep grabbing from illegal sources .

  • Where are your neck tattoos?

  • Man that stuff looks like low end kush … The stuff we're paying 50-60 $ for the last 15 years. I want that drop kick , brain funk . And I don't give a fuck how much it costs . I hope legalization brings out the best of the best . However the buds I've seen on recent dispensary tours in Canada lead me to believe otherwise . Maybe it's just a really bad bud shot and its not doing it justice . Looool I want that CCC420 weed!!!!

  • But they are reselling the LP weed? Dafuq? What's the deal with that? I thought the local dispensaries in Canada were the alternative to, and really hated the ''other guys'' at the corporate LP dispensaries?

  • Brasil! Weed