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Dispensary Tour – Green City Collective in Everett, WA – Recreational Marijuana Collective

If you’re interested in recreational marijuana in Washington, Green City Collective is a great choice for anyone looking to score legal cannabis! At GCC, recreational users will find flower, oils, and edibles suited for all preferences.

When you’re shopping around for what bud to pick up next, make sure you head over to Weedmaps on your computer or phone to check out Green City Collective’s always up to date menu.

With their address at 13601 WA-99 (Highway 99) Everett, WA 98204, Green City has ample parking and a large sign out front will make sure you don’t drive past. Every day they throw out sort of surprise daily deals, which they update on Weedmaps, and they also have standard deals running every day.

A few select strains that stand out in Green City Collective are Phat Panda’s Golden Pineapple and OG Chem, Western Cultured Seatown Lemon Haze, and Project M’s Dutch Treat Haze. Seatown Lemon Haze will give you a nice uplift of energy with an ample high. GCC understands the personal and personalized nature of the product and wants to help you enjoy in the best way possible! They’ve even got smoking products like bubblers, lighters, and papers well-stocked so you can get all you need at GCC.

Weedmaps Dispensary Review of Green City Collective from user
I went here for the first time yesterday. As a newcomer to medicating, I don’t know a lot about different types of strains, etc. The budtender was so helpful, she took her time and recommended a few different strains and explained each to me. Extremely friendly and professional. I will be going here from now on. And btw, excellent product!!

Weedmaps Dispensary Review of Green City Collectiive from user
GCC has quality bud of all strains and for any price range. Always a bright atmosphere with very friendly, affable budtenders, and once you find it the first time it’s very easy to pop in and out of at your leisure. They’ve even got a quality selection of glass of all styles and sizes, something I especially appreciate.

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In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


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  • I wish I lived in WA state:( My daughter is in Everett. Thanks for the info. I'll be visiting one day!

  • This place is actually pretty cool, I live over in Bothell but it's worth the trip. Plus Special Brews is right up the street.

  • This is absolutely my favorite place to go for MJ & I'm someone who does so regularly. They always have an affordable, variety of options, even offering a pretty nice discount (10-20%) for frequent buyers; the staff is young, alternative, interesting, knowledgeable & fun. I wanna hug everyone when I'm done shopping here & that's not just the MJ talking – LOL! I'm a bookkeeper/office manager of 20+ years, independent now w/3 clients – law, investment & industrial, also a hard rock lyricist/vocalist AND I used to sell MJ & other things myself, in college! Street level, illegal, thru friends deals were all we had years ago; I'm excited to see the legal market trying to "get real" in the competition and spirit of herbal & natural, alternative lifestyles. That's what "living free" is all about. Green City knows what I like, what I know & how to treat me with respect in a world where "good customer service" is literally dying out thanks to government & fascist 'merika. Cheers, Green & Freedom Lovers; see you there! ; D <3

  • Another one where they hire hoes and they don't know shit.

  • i absolutely hate recreational stores in Washington!!! it's extremely over priced, and some of it was packaged as long as 6 moths in advance. just look on the package it'll say wen it was sealed. Also you can't get a good look at it or smell it cuz its in a fucking sealed bag. they do have a few sniff jars but its old and dry as fuck and smells like shit.

  • Sun? In Seattle?

  • She sounds like she's educating about pot when I've known it before she was swimming in her mothers eggs.

  • very well spoken young lady… she's got some sales swag goin on

  • nice speaking voice

  • dispenseries are way more expensive than the local dealer. not worth the arm and leg they charge

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  • i'm consistently blown away by the insane edible prices in washington! at the rate they charge, a korova black bar would be in the $5-$600 price range if not more, a damn shame!

  • Too bad Everett's a shithole…

  • looks good

  • I live near there (:

  • I live near there (: