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Dispensary Tour – Canada Bliss Herbals in Toronto, ON – Medical Marijuana Shop

Come visit this friendly, medical cannabis dispensary at 3023 Dundas West, Toronto and discover which flowers, concentrates & edibles are right for you. Canada Bliss Herbals mission statement is provide high quality medicine for their patients in a friendly and safe environment.

Some of their most sought after organic strains are: Black Diamond, Love potion #9 and God’s Green Crack. Organic Love Potion #9 is exclusively available at Canada Bliss and is recommended for patients who have trouble sleeping. Another exclusive strain one can find at Canada Bliss is Organic Black Diamond. This hybrid strain can be toked anytime of the day. Last but not least, their exclusive God’s Green Crack sativa strain has been known to help treat depression.

In addition to their dry flowers, patients can purchase various types of products such as: tinctures, capsules, body lotion, sprays, shatter, hash and edibles.


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  • Life sucks in Australia… we need weed dispensaries!

  • the only thing i saw that i don't think is good … all the herbs were bagged up in jars? i wouldn't put flowers in plastic IMO.. anyone agree?

  • Is it weird that it says 666 views on my phone

  • pre-bagged flower in jars under lights=avoid.

  • lol let's hope Square dont see this…Heh

  • looks really nice