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Dispensary Tour – CALM on Church in Toronto, CA – Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Established in 1996, Cannabis As Living Medicine (CALM) is Eastern Canada’s first medicinal cannabis club. CALM provides their members access to high quality medicine, with an extensive menu that caters to all their members medicinal needs. Their mission is to provide high quality medicinal grade cannabis to severe/chronically ill Canadians in a safe, calm, and supportive environment.

At CALM on Church, parking is available on both sides of Church St. They are open 7 days a week and have an ATM machine available on-site. Make sure to drop in for their monthly specials on edible baked goods made in house! You will also find the exclusive sativa strain G13 Haze.

CALM has been actively pushing for medical marijuana patients rights for over 20 years. Whether their patients need help finding a strain right for them or covering the cost of their medicine, CALM will help their patients as best they can.


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In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


  • i have been using CALM for years, other than being a bit rude, i have NEVER had a problem, except with this woman. 1X almost over charged me $80
    2X almost over charged $40, & 3rd time shorted me $10 on my change!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am sick, i am poor, i dont ask for a discount, this is not a luxury for me, its meds., im sorry i cant tip, i dont tip the pharmacist, & i dont go to places that want tips (restaurants) bcuz i am poor & cant tip!
    so please please please, dont rip me off!!!!!
    thanks just had to get that out. ☺

  • over priced , corporate bull shit!!!!!

  • And he is not the first cannabis dispensary in Toronto. That distinction belongs to TCC. The Toronto Compassion Center. They at least know the meaning of compassion. All CALM is, is the Walmart of weed with Tiffany prices and volunteers compensated not with money but weed at retail, pretending his paying you at the retail rate of the weed. What a douche

  • Neev is a sexual harasser of his female staff and if this was a legal business, this greedy millionaire who made his money off the backs of people living below the poverty line, he would be facing multiple sexual harassment charges. We talk you pig. There isn't one volunteer slaving there for him now who has been there from the beginning because he never paid us, used free labour, constantly abused the volunteers and sexually harassed the women who didn't appreciate his hairy hands groping them. He traded weed for blowjobs from women who couldn't afford their meds. There is no one there with him from the beginning because he only cares about his hash, his video games and getting blowjobs while toking and pretending to kill prostitutes in his misogynist videogames. And get the facts straight: Neev only cares about Money, blowjobs from women he can exploit and doing it under the guise of the good guy. He's the ultimate douche bag. And I feel sorry for the women there, because he may say one thing to your face but that cowardly weasel disparages you behind your backs. My iq is higher than his but he can't believe that because he thinks his brain cells are in his inadequate teeny tiny cock.

  • Can someone explain to me why there are only a few dispensaries in Québec compared to the other provinces like Ontario and British-Colombia?

  • Used to be a grilled cheese place but he wasn't making a lot so his greedy ass opened another shop selling mediocre shit for high prices. Fuck out of here

  • Nice shop. But, The ''senior'' part was laughable and not needed in this. I mean, Is there such thing as a ''senior'' bartender at a pub? bahahah. Her first year too, and she's already a ''senior'' at a job that consists of opening a jar, making up conditions a strain covers, and telling you names of a couple dozen products.

  • Cheers from Toronto 🙂

  • Shout out from Colorado! Keep it dank! Peace, World!

  • I could see how nervous she was but straight up good for her on getting it done, I have anxiety and it can be intense, especially if WeedMaps is video taping you! I like this place, has good vibes. Hate the jail bars but I understand, safety first!