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Dispensary Tour – Bellflower Cannabis Garden in Bellflower, CA – MMJ

Welcome to Bellflower Cannabis Garden! BCG is located inside the Metro PCS, right off the 91 Freeway in Bellflower, CA. Safe, accessible, and reliable, BCG is sure to have something for every patient’s needs. They have daily deals, samplings, and promotions going on every day, so go explore their wonderful selection of flowers, concentrates and edibles!


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In compliance with CA Prop 215, SB 420 Section 11362.5, and 11362.7 of HSC.


  • This bitch is so fucking fake if u fall for this shit u stupid cus this shop well rip you off and security guards are just straight bitches and they are not volunteers they are all employees getting paid and all of them are diss honest. This shop has outrageous prices for a low quantity of flowers I live in bellflower all my life Nd it's disappointing to have only one shop in Bellflower and it's a fucking rip off

  • weedmaps you need to take this video down. this place was run for profit purposes and they closed down because they couldn't handle the simple tasks that anyone would say is common sense. I have proof. and now they have security guards parked at this location trolling and smoking marijuana. I now ask myself why even open a shop if u don't care about the patients nevertheless the community. bellflower cannabis garden scumbags. they are now next to chevron gas station off the fwy. all around fake look at the lead volunteer smiling the whole time. smh

  • raided. no longer there

  • .you are soooo hot

  • Why do they say volunteer? Cant they just say they work there lol

  • I am a local an this place is high as fuck

  • smoke weed everyday, chicks are a dime a dozen. they all over.

  • Why does the government want this

  • Get to see some dimes, and buy a dime, sweet.

  • 1:35 was she looking at us?

  • I've got â M.Sc. in plant-production, i'd rather grow in the back of such a business than selling in the front: thats what these ladies are there for.
    Well, at least i'd train and educate them properly, this isnt rocket-science…or biochemistry…^^

  • Ok, weedmaps, dispensaries, you need to stop this total bullshit of referring to people who work there as "volunteers". This is so ridiculous and borderline insulting to everybody. Bud tender, ok. Helper. Assistant. Weed expert. But this constant referring to people as "volunteers" is on the same level of dishonesty and idiocy as people saying "I am medicating" every time they want to smoke.

  • thick a shit these bud tenders better of working in a salon no idea talk shit and only there to look good I really hope the uk dont end up like this think if it did please shoot me come on weedmaps who gives a fuck about the girls in these shops we dont

  • First

  • The $20 crumble was a lot better than the $40 crumble

  • Men teach your ladies how to grow.

  • see u tomorow shyyyyyyyte

  • Once again, no diversity. Will not be coming here.

  • 2g's for 30$ deal? **pukes