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Digital Dab Box E-Nail (Product Review)


E-Nail – []

Today, i’m reviewing the Electric Digital Dab Box Set!

The Dab Box is a very functional, yet simple e-nail that has a fully adjustable temperature readout and has a universal plug-in that fits most coils. Overall I give this unit a [6.4/7]


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  • High5 vape sells for 110$ and it works awesome and comes with 1 year warranty.

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  • sick video I love it

  • get a galaxy e nail love mine 3 yr waranty worth every bit of the 350 i paid at the secret cup peace

  • What mm nail does it come with? I'm not sure if it'll fit my rig

  • I was on the fence about getting one of these. After this video you got me sold on it! I was so tired of having to fill up butane tank in my torch and was looking at something that was still affordable but functional. 
    Happy Dabbing!

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  • Hello dude.. one small question I want to buy one but Im from Mexico I have a friend in sacramento he will bring my Enail but small question where Can I get one for a good price… or do you have a recommendation ?  thanks a lot I like your Vid .

  • Hey Josh, thanks for the earlier reply.. one more question.  When you set this at a specific temperature, what is the fluctuation +/- from where u set it?  some e-nails are within 5 degrees, some 20.. so i was just wondering if you've noticed any type of fluctuation on this unit from where u want it to be set at??  Cheers to you Josh

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  • U can use that other coil on ur nail

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